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Telephone operatives are professional voice users and can use their voices all day, every day, often under extreme pressure. For such a user the voice is part of the image – and livelihood too. The way in which customers and clients are greeted, information is transmitted and messages relayed is crucial to the success of any organisation. Sounds Right’s telephone voice skills training will give you those skills.

We have all heard about the ‘smile in the voice’ and the need for clarity but how is that technically achieved? Our interactive training package is designed to help receptionists, call centre operatives and all who use the telephone regularly to find, use and enjoy improved speaking skills.

Sounds Right’s telephone voice skills training will enable the voice user to discover:

  • How speech sounds are made and produced
  • How to articulate clearly and correctly
  • How posture and vocal placement can affect vocal energy and telephone clarity
  • How to vary pace, pitch and phrasing to positively interact with the listener
  • How to keep the voice calm under pressure
  • How to respond to calls positively and take messages accurately
  • How to take care of the voice and keep it healthy
  • To avoid voice abuse leading to short and long term damage affecting professional well-being


Our telephone voice skills training will help staff speak clearly with warmth and enthusiasm, engaging your clients and enhancing your business.


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