Sounds Right Voice Training

Based on the Staffordshire/Cheshire border in the North West of England, Sounds Right Voice Training was incorporated in 2005 as Sounds Right Limited by Managing Director Marina Deestan-Jones, who brings many years of experience in voice and speech work to lead the company.

Before specialising in voice, Marina worked as an actress, teacher and lecturer in Performing Arts. Voices – and how they are used to express emotion, thought and ideas – have always been important to Marina and she is regularly called upon to judge festivals and competitions. Marina was a senior assessor, examiner and ambassador for a leading Spoken English Examining Board, also a Voice Tutor and a former Trustee for a leading Voice Network and Charity.

With ongoing experience in professional voice work and etiquette and confidence training, Marina fully understands the need for the services of Sounds Right Ltd in today’s highly competitive commercial and professional environment. All associates and voice trainers for the company are highly skilled, qualified and experienced personnel with successful backgrounds in education, business and performance.

What does Sounds Right Voice Training do?

With a strong basis in Education, Voice and the Performing Arts, Sounds Right Voice Training is perfectly placed to provide effective solutions for teachers’ experience of voice problems in the classroom and for preventing problems.

Sounds Right also provides training in discussion, debate, confidence and communication skills, and a variety of training to young people and adults at various stages of their life and career.

Led and devised by Marina Deestan-Jones, Sounds Right Voice Training is practical, informative and relevant.

Who is Sounds Right Ltd?

Our Company Mission

Our mission is to help people understand, look after and enjoy their speaking voice whatever the occasion, environment or task.

The Sounds Right Philosophy

Voices fascinate us and we gain enormous satisfaction from seeing our Clients overcome fears, take control of their voice and reach their vocal potential.

The Sounds Right Promise

All our staff are active practitioners who constantly update their skills, knowledge and techniques and can be relied upon to give a high quality service whatever the request.

What are our professional skills?

Voice, Speech, Drama and Oral Skills

Performing Arts and Professional experience

School, FE and HE Educators

Advisory and Consultancy

Professional Examiners

Performing Arts, Speech and Oral Skills

Judges and Adjudicators

Festivals and Competitions


Contact Us

Tel. +44 (0) 1270 820368 or mobile +44 (0) 7770 093878