Confident Voice for Presentations and Interviews

Presentations and interviews are often seen even by otherwise competent people as a formidable challenge. You can lose sleep the night before that important presentation. And how you perform at that coveted interview is so important and often there is only one chance to get it right! Many people are confident about their material but fear that their voice might let them down, and therefore they are anxious to disguise their nerves or fear.

Sounds Right’s Presentation Training can help turn that ordeal into an enjoyable experience so that you can express yourself with ease and confidence. At Sounds Right we can:

  • Guide you through your preparation and advise you on purpose, content and form
  • Show you how to acquire positive body language, posture, gesture and eye contact
  • Enable you to breathe effectively and confidently
  • Maximize your vocal technique – articulation, resonance, projection, tone, pace and pitch
  • Equip you to interact with assurance and composure, control nerves, respond to questions and manage your audience
  • Enable you to be prepared and take control so that you can relax, thus enjoying your performance


Our training can help you to be relaxed as you approach your presentation and be vital and confident as you deliver it!

Interview Skills

How you perform at that coveted interview is so very important and often there is only one chance to get it right! The quality and impact of your voice and how you use it is as important as qualifications and experience. The way you speak, present and perform can determine your potential for success.

No one can really guarantee that the job is in the bag but our interview training helps you to make the right first impression and give a performance which you can be pleased with. Our Interview Skills Training will take you through:

Pre-Interview Planning

  • Considering the job, researching the Company and evaluating your own experience/potential.
  • Letters and CVs.


Conduct and content of interview

  • First impressions and things to avoid
  • Using body language confidently
  • Voice and speech skills
  • Controlling interview nerves
  • Dealing with competency questions
  • Handling difficult questions
  • Enhanced listening skills and asking appropriate questions


Our Interview Skills Training will take you through preparation and performance so that you can approach interviews with relaxed confidence and increase your personal and professional self-esteem.


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