Sounds Right offers a range of online voice coaching:

  • Worldwide one-to-one voice coaching by Skype video
  • Vocal warm-up exercises to prepare you for your day’s talking
  • Online video courses, study in your own time

Worldwide one-to-one voice training by Skype video

For details and bookings for online voice training over Skype, please contact Marina Deestan-Jones by email at or by phone on Tel. +44 (0) 1270 820368 or mobile +44 (0) 7770 093878.

Vocal warm-up exercises to prepare you for your day’s talking

Click here for your free Daily Vocal Warm-up video, here on this website.

Online video courses, study in your own time

Our latest exciting development in online voice training is the creation of video courses which you can take in your own time and revisit at no extra cost.

Each course also offers opportunities for one-to-one, student-to-teacher communication

The first of these courses is on the Udemy online learning system, an established, tried, tested and proven system for online courses in which currently over 15 million students in 190 countries are studying a vast variety of subjects in over 65,000 courses in 10 languages! So we know you’re in very good hands when you study our courses on the Udemy system.

Our first online voice training course on Udemy, a basic introduction to voice production and effective speaking, is called ‘Enhance Your Speaking Voice’.

On the course page you’ll be able to view four preview videos, free, which will help you decide about taking the course.


The course has over 2350 students and has gained many 5-star reviews, reflecting well on the course content, delivery and pricing.

This course has proved very popular with voice students at home and abroad and has been endorsed by San Jose University School of Information and many professional speakers – read some of our reviews when you visit the page.

Online Voice Course for professional voice users

Online Voice Coaching

If your voice is of particular importance in your career, and especially if you are a teacher or lecturer or work with groups of students you may be interested in our online voice course Voice Skills for Teachers.

Our ‘Voice Skills for Teachers’ course was designed expressly for teachers at schools and colleges,
but we know that a wide range of professional voice-users can also benefit greatly from the course.

This includes politicians, salespersons, demonstrators, call-centre operatives, receptionists, the clergy, actors, and public speakers of course, and we could add anyone whose voice is in almost constant use and under constant pressure to perform.

So please view this online voice training course as suitable for you, if your voice needs constant support.

We hope you will take full advantage of the cost-effectiveness and convenience of these online voice training courses, and we look forward to helping you along the way with whatever one-to-one advice or assistance you need.

Extracts from all the lectures in this course, together with the full course curriculum, can be viewed here.


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