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Flexible and Cost-effective Online Courses in Voice Training.


Our ‘Voice Skills For Teachers’ and ‘Daily Vocal Warm-up’ online courses were designed expressly for teachers at schools and colleges, but we know that a wide range of professional voice-users can also benefit greatly from the courses.

This includes politicians, salespersons, demonstrators, call-centre operatives, receptionists, the clergy, actors, and public speakers of course, and we could add anyone whose voice is in almost constant use and under constant pressure to perform.

So please view the courses as suitable for you, if your voice needs constant support.

The ‘Voice Skills For Teachers’ online course features:

Relevant and beneficial training you or your staff can access and enjoy in their own time.

This training can also be used for Continuing Professional Development and is suitable for small group work and to stimulate further related activities or training.

* Easy-to-follow course helps teachers understand, look after and make the most of their speaking voice in the teaching environment

* Reduces growing costs of teacher absenteeism due to voice problems

* The course can be accessed by teachers in their own time as a constant reference point for safe and effective use of their voice.

* Quality, tested and relevant voice training specifically designed for the teacher’s voice

* How diet, posture and lifestyle can help keep the voice healthy and how breath control, articulation, pitch, resonance, tone colour and volume can enable and enhance the teacher’s professional delivery, personal confidence and classroom performance

* Wear and tear on the voice through constant use and in difficult teaching spaces is an ever-present Health and Safety issue which this course addresses practically and efficiently

* Improving the teacher’s vocal performance positively impacts upon pupil understanding, classroom behaviour and school results.


Staff training can be expensive and time consuming. It often has to be fitted in at the beginning or end of term when the budget and curriculum demands allow.

Imagine if you could access online courses for training all your staff, which they could access regularly throughout the academic year (in school or at home) at a fraction of the usual cost of on-the-job training.

Sounds Right online courses in voice training are the answer.

Our Voice Skills for Teachers course provides teachers with quality, relevant voice training: training which will help teachers to keep their voices healthy and make the most of their speaking delivery when they address pupils.

This training gives your staff advice on how to use their voices safely in challenging acoustic spaces and with larger class sizes – a growing Health and Safety issue for headteachers.

It gives invaluable advice on keeping the voice healthy lesson after lesson, day after day and term after term so helping prevent problems and absences – avoiding vast costs each year on teacher absence and expensive cover.

This training encourages and helps teachers to use their voices effectively and clearly, varying appropriate tone so that the classroom atmosphere is calm, stress-free and positive.

Research has proven that when a teacher’s voice is clear, well modulated and easy to listen to, pupil understanding is enhanced, and school performance is improved. By contrast a teacher’s damaged or dysphonic voice can impact negatively on pupils’ learning and behaviour.

The new school curriculum will place even more demands on your teachers – so by investing in this training gives them the opportunity to help ensure they have healthy, flexible voices to meet the ever-increasing demands of the profession.

To preview extracts from this course and view the course curriculum – click this link:


Voice Skills For Teachers Online Course Preview


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