When it comes to first impressions it is not always what you say but how you say it.

Speaking clearly, pleasantly and being easily understood is still vitally important whatever your profession or vocation and is still considered to be a professional, personal and social asset. Sounds Right’s Executive Elocution and Accent Softening training will help you make the most of that important asset.

Of course, nowadays society and the workplace are rich with varied and colourful accents and dialects and although it is only right that having the ‘wrong accent’ is no longer considered to be major impediment it is still advantageous to be able to adopt a neutral and immediately understood style of speaking.

Our accent softening and executive elocution training helps to enhance your speaking voice and improve speech delivery and pronunciation so that your listener is immediately engaged in what you are saying.

Our Executive Elocution and Accent Softening training includes:

  • How speech sounds are produced
  • Understanding of the basic characteristics of a Standard English Accent
  • Understanding and controlling breath supply
  • How vowels and consonants are placed and formed
  • Using vowels and consonants for good diction
  • Techniques for effective articulation
  • Resonance and projection for focus and vocal carrying power
  • How to use pause and emphasis for best effect
  • How to vary pitch appropriately and for variety
  • The importance of vocal tone
  • Phrasing and intonation
  • The relationship between posture and clear speech delivery
  • Phrasing and Intonation


Our training does not set out to eliminate dialect or to impose a restrictive, dated style of ‘elocution’ but to help speakers achieve fluency, clarity, and accepted pronunciation through a neutral Standard English Accent.


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