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  • by qualified professionals
  • helps clients understand their own needs
  • worldwide voice training, by online video or in person
  • to individuals and groups
  • time-efficient, cost-effective
  • tailored to individual requirements
  • speech, accent, confidence, etiquette and more
  • online courses, study in your own time
  • free tips to your email, ongoing


Why Voice and Presentation Training Services?

Through the combination of voice and presentation training, Sound Right offers a complete package for anyone who uses their voice extensively in their professional life, such as in:

  • business
  • government
  • schools, colleges and universities
  • the clergy
  • doctors in their surgery, etc., and
  • people facing interviews or unaccustomed public speaking or group participation of one kind or another.


We provide solutions to all your voice concerns and problems through our flexible and enjoyable voice training.

You will be more relaxed as you approach your important occasion and be vital and confident as you deliver your presentation!

Our Voice Training

We offer a wide range of voice training and pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet the needs of the individual, group or organisation.

Voice Training from Sounds Right

Acquire vocal skills and techniques to enhance personal and professional performance

Formed in 2005 Sounds Right Ltd offers voice, speech and communication training. We offer solutions and invaluable support for all voice users who wish at some time to improve their personal performance and effectiveness – and that is a considerable number of us!

Most of us tremble with anxiety when we think about speaking in public (addressing groups in a formal or sometimes informal situation). Many others who use their voices for much of the working day – teachers, clergy, broadcasters – can suffer vocal wear and tear, leading to voice problems if the voice is not used sensibly.

  • Sounds Right offers solutions to all such concerns and problems through our flexible and enjoyable training.
  • We deliver voice and communication training that meets individual needs. Clients acquire skills and techniques that enhance their personal as well as their professional social and business performance.

Online Video Courses from Sounds Right

Our latest exciting development is the creation of online video courses, courses you can take in your own time and revisit at no extra cost.

Each course also offers opportunities for one-to-one, student-to-teacher communication.

Our courses are on the Udemy online learning system, an established, tried, tested and proven system for online courses, so we know you’re in very good hands when you study our courses on Udemy.

Click the banner below to take a look at our course “Enhance Your Speaking Voice”, a basic introduction to voice production and effective speaking. You’ll be able to view three preview videos, free, which will help you decide about taking the course.

The course now has over 2350 students and has gained many 5-star reviews, reflecting well on the course content, delivery and pricing.

voice and presentation training


A second course, for professional voice users, is on both Udemy and here on this website where you can view extracts from all of the 30 video lectures.

These video extracts will give you a thorough impression of what it consists of, so that, even though it was originally conceived for school teachers and college lecturers, it would be of great value to anyone who uses their voice extensively in their professional life.

Our Presentation Training

Sounds Right’s Presentation Training can help turn your impending ordeal into an enjoyable experience so that you can express yourself with ease and confidence. At Sounds Right we can:

  • Guide you through your preparation and advise you on purpose, content and form
  • Show you how to acquire positive body language, posture, gesture and eye contact
  • Enable you to breathe effectively and confidently
  • Maximize your vocal technique – articulation, resonance, projection, tone, pace and pitch
  • Equip you to interact with assurance and composure, control nerves, respond to questions and manage your audience
  • Enable you to be prepared and take control so that you can relax, thus enjoying your performance!

We know that whatever your voice needs – simple or complex – we can help you and we would like to help! Voices fascinate us and we gain enormous satisfaction from seeing our clients overcome fears, take control of their voice and enjoy speaking.

You can rely on our staff give a high quality service whatever the request. All our staff are active, professional practitioners who constantly update their vocal and teaching skills, knowledge and techniques.

Sounds Interesting?

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Voice and presentation trainingFeedback

” …the content of this voice and presentation training was excellent and was delivered in a warm, friendly and professional manner. Feedback was constructive and it really raised our awareness of how the voice can be used also how sounds are produced. We have a good team and working with you raised the spirit even higher. “

Knights 1759 LLP, Solicitors, Staffordshire

Please note:

For specialist Teachers’ Voice Training, we have our sister site https://www.sounds-right.co.uk


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