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Why Voice Training?

Through flexible and enjoyable training Sounds Right offers solutions to all such concerns and problems. By delivering voice and communication training that meets individual needs, Sounds Right Clients acquire skills and techniques that enhance their individual  as well as their professional social  and business performance.

There are very many reasons why Voice and Speech Training can benefit most people and there are many aspects to the subject:

It is not simply a matter of acquiring a certain accent, overcoming nerves or delivering a slick presentation - we each of us have individual voices and alongside that is the potential for a healthier, more attractive voice and an effective way of speaking

Why is it that we can hang on every word of one speaker whom we might suspect of uttering nonsense, yet another speaker's honesty, sincerity and common sense is totally lost on us because of the quality of the voice or the way it is being used.  It may be that someone just needs to speak more slowly, more clearly, consider their posture, mannerisms or it may be a subconscious dread of speaking aloud as well as emotional exhaustion - so many things affect our voice.

A little understanding of how the voice actually works can help us control it and   minimize those occasions when we might 'slur' our speech, 'gabble' or find it hard to focus on what we really want to say.  Feeling comfortable about one's voice means also being aware of one's whole body and what goes on in the head;  in that respect we need to use some of the skills and techniques employed by actors in order to make our life easier and our voices richer.

Sounds Perfect?

Then consider how our training can help your performance or business.