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Public Speaking Voice Skills Training

Worried about your speech? Uncertain about your material? We can help turn your ordeal into an  enjoyable experience. 

Speaking in public informally or formally, though so often an enjoyable and rewarding experience, can also be a daunting one. The tasks may range from simple announcements, introducing or thanking a speaker or giving a full speech yourself. Whatever the task, we can guide you through your preparation and / or performance.

Sounds Right training can help the speaker (experienced or a novice) speak with clarity, warmth and purpose We can help you:

  • To think clearly and purposefully
  • Manage breath control and posture to support best performance
  • Develop a flexible range of vocal tones appropriate to the task
  • Understand  and engage with your audience
  • Manage nerves
  • Co ordinate and control mental and physical responses
  • Manage visual aids and space with confidence

We can help you with the structure and content of your speech or task; also advise you on your own material for that extra confidence.

Our Public Speaking Training has helped individuals to relax, be confident and give their best performance. 

We have coached teams to achieve success and self-esteem in recognised competitions and have advised on the set up and management of Competitions and Festivals.

Our team are regular Public Speaking Competition Judges and Festival Adjudicators