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Our Services and Training

Voice is your most fundamental asset -  it can be part of your livelihood too!

We offer a wide range of voice and presentation services and pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet the needs of the individual or Company.

No request is too small, no challenge too daunting.

Our Clients (Companies and Individuals) come from the world of business, the professions, all areas of vocation employment, Schools, Colleges, Universities in addition to the individual wishing to enhance his or her performance for a specific task or general development.

We offer a variety of courses in all aspects of Voice training, Speech training and Communication training from chairing meetings to formal presentation, accent softening to telephone confidence.

Our Services Include:

We also enjoy helping clients with one off challenges just to give them that extra confidence and potential for enjoyment.  This might be that 'Wedding Speech', 'Vote of Thanks', or asking for that overlooked payrise or promotion.

We can help you with specific professional demands on your voice. Many of our clients are in Education and we have specialised training to help practitioners voice in the classroom or lecture room. Visit our Teacher’s Voice website for Voice Health and Awareness Training.


If you are not a teacher or lecturer but use your voice for your profession i.e. actor, clergy, broadcaster and would like advice or training on how to preserve and take care of your voice or simply make the most of it for general use for specific occasion – then contact us for vocal help and advice.

We also offer interactive skills based training for the female voice. In many ways business can still be perceived as 'a man's world' and, because most women can feel 'time-pressured', voice skills and vocal health can be neglected. We can help women to be firm and resolute, project and have vocal impact without sounding aggressive, harsh and shrill.

Whatever your voice needs we are here to help.

Our training can be tailored to match your specific needs.

Sounds good?

Then see how we can help you or your organisation

  • Half day or full day training in your premises to fit around your busy schedule
  • Individual training can be delivered in the workplace or at our venue
  • Support material and resources, the opportunity for regular consultancy and follow up advice