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Online Voice Training from Sounds Right

Our latest exciting development is the creation of Online Courses. Courses you can take in your own time and revisit with no extra cost.

Each course also offers opportunities for one-to-one, student-to-teacher communication

The first of these courses is now fully functional on the Udemy system, an established, tried, tested and proven system for online courses in which currently over 2 million students in 190 countries are studying a vast variety of subjects in over 12,000 courses in 10 languages! So we know you're in very good hands when you study our courses on the Udemy system.

Our first course on Udemy, a basic introduction to voice production and effective speaking, is called 'Enhance Your Speaking Voice'.

On that page you'll be able to view two preview videos, free, which will help you decide about taking the course.

The course is priced in U.S. dollars because that's the way the Udemy system works, being based in San Francisco, California. The course has over 1500 students and is gaining many 5-star reviews, reflecting well on the course content, delivery and pricing.

This course has proved very popular with voice students at home and abroad and has been endorsed by San Jose University School of Information and many professional speakers – read some of our reviews when you visit the page.

Online Voice Course for Teachers

If you are a teacher or lecturer or work with groups of students you may be interested in our online voice course for Educators visit http://www.sounds-right.co.uk/online-courses/ for further details

We hope you will take full advantage of the cost-effectiveness and convenience of these courses, and look forward to helping you along the way with whatever one-to-one advice or assistance you need.

Other online Courses - COMING SOON!

Confidence, Communication and Etiquette Training

Our Communication, Confidence and Etiquette training can help you to polish and perfect your personal and professional performance

No matter who you are or what you do, the way you speak and interact with others will have a direct impact on your social and professional success and it can be a mistake to underestimate the impact of presenting yourself as a competent, polished, well-spoken and good-mannered professional.  Feeling self-conscious or not being sure of ‘the rules’ in certain situations can cause fear, anxiety, embarrassment or intimidation. We can help to erase anxieties and obstacles so that you feel better about yourself and your interactions whatever the situation.

Business and social situations are constantly changing and though manners have become less prescriptive, good manners still open doors, make life easier and minimise problems. This doesn’t mean doing everything perfectly but rather mastering social skills and that as such, is empowering.

Our Etiquette and Confidence Training is not about outmoded concepts or rituals for exclusive occasions but about providing the knowledge and skills to help you navigate a range of situations and interactions. With this knowledge and assurance we can help to remove anxiety, difficulties and self-consciousness and help you to feel confident and poised as you communicate and interact with others.

Our training can not only help you to feel better about your own performance, behaviour and interactions but can also encourage harmony and efficiency in the work environment.

Our consultancy is not stifling or stuffy but relaxed, enjoyable and empowering.

We are able to customise and select our training  to meet your specific requirements so that your  objectives are met, understood and attained