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Through flexible and enjoyable training Sounds Right offers solutions to all such concerns and problems. 


We offer a wide range of voice and presentation services and pride ourselves on our flexibility to meet the needs of the individual or Company.



Based on the Staffordshire /Cheshire Border, Sounds Right Ltd  was formed by Managing Director Marina Deestan-Jones, who brings many years of experience in Voice and Speech work to lead the Company.  Before specializing in voice Marina worked as an actress, teacher and Lecturer in Performing Arts. Voices - and how they are used to express emotion, thought and ideas have always been important to Marina and she is regularly called  upon to judge Festivals and Competitions; Marina was  a Senior Assessor, Examiner  and Ambassador for a leading Spoken  English Examining Board also a Voice Tutor and  a former Trustee for a leading Voice Network and Charity . With 'on going' experience in professional voice work and Etiquette and Confidence Training Marina fully understands the need for the services of Sounds Right Ltd  in todays highly competitive commercial and professional environment. All Associates and Voice Trainers for the Company are highly skilled, qualified and experienced personnel with successful  backgrounds in Education, Business and  Performance   


Voice Training from Sounds Right

Acquire vocal skills and techniques to enhance personal and professional performance


Formed in 2005  Sounds Right Ltd Voice, Speech training and communication training; offers solutions and invaluable support for all voice users who wish at sometime to improve personal performance and effectiveness  -   that is a considerable number of us!

Along with the fear of loneliness, failing health and financial problems, speaking in public (addressing groups in a formal or sometimes informal situation) makes most of us tremble with anxiety.  Many others who use their voices for much of the working day - teachers, clergy, broadcasters - can suffer vocal wear and tear, leading to voice problems if the voice is not used sensibly. 

  • Through flexible and enjoyable training Sounds Right offers solutions to all such concerns and problems. 
  • By delivering voice and communication training that meets individual needs, Sounds Right Clients acquire skills and techniques that enhance their individual as well as their professional social and business performance.

We know that whatever your voice needs - simple or complex - we can help you and we would like to help! Voices fascinate us and we gain enormous satisfaction from seeing our Clients overcome fears, take control of their voice and enjoy speaking.

All staff are active Practitioners who constantly update their vocal and teaching skills, knowledge and techniques therefore can be relied upon to give a high quality service whatever the request.

Sounds Interesting?

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  • Presentations and Interviews
  • Telephone Clarity
  • Executive Elocution and Accent Softening
  • Public Speaking
  • Online Courses